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Run bi annually during summer solstice (since 2015) 'artland' is an open studio event across Hartland over three days around the summer solstice, celebrating the fact that there are many diverse artists in the Hartland area. 'artland' is an opportunity for local artists, who are often working unseen, to open venues in unison showing their work to the public. Come to meet and talk with the artist and gain an insight into their process and not just the end product.

Sales are not our main focus but selling work is always a bonus from small beginnings to visitors in the hundreds  in 2021.

When I re-located to Hartland I discovered to my surprise that  there are many talented  artists  living in and around Hartland beavering away in their studios .  A totally creative place !  Being an artist my self I set about developing an open studio event, we all got together  and 'artland' was born.  A wild success!  Its a great way to meet interesting people in their studios and to see their creative work.

Memory pyramid
At the close of our first artland open studios event  ( 2015 ) Clive Brocklehurst's  memory pyramid lit the sky during our celebration


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